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Fife & Drom

Fife & Drom is the musical brainchild of husband and wife team Mark Marshall and Abby Ahmad. Their name pays tribute to fife and drum blues music, a highly influential genre which emerged from Mississippi, the heart of Delta blues, as well as a nod to the dutch word “drom”, meaning “a group moving together with purpose”. 2014 saw the release of their debut album which garnered international praise for its modern take on classic blues.They've been honored by the Independent Music Awards and, more recently, named one of the "Best of NYC's Indie Music Scene" by  

Sweet Clementines

Four years after Though It Were The Kiss Of Death raised the band’s profile in upstate New York, earning critical raves and extensive airplay on independent radio, the New Paltz , NY quintet The Sweet Clementines has released the sprawling Lake Victoria. Graceful and quirky, sweet and sour, overstuffed with melody, the record is enlivened by the band’s traditional weapons of choice: vibraphones, violins, baroque vocal harmonies, and a dash of the electronic. In eight years of eccentric rocking, this band has cultured its own way of playing together: start with the experimental pop sense of The Beatles (or The Zombies, or XTC), dress it in cabaret and circus, ala Tom Waits or Andrew Bird, and, now more than ever, venture into long forms, unafraid of either “J” word: jazz or jam, all in support of the literate, weird, and melancholic songs. The Sweet Clementines are principal songwriter and guitarist John Burdick, bassist Jason Sarubbi, drummer Matt Senzatimore, vocalist/violinist Marianne Tasick, and vibraphonist/keyboardist Paul Carroll.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale woke up in the midst of their own Great Recession and decided that American audiences longed to hear authentic tales of classic crisis. Yard Sale tunes are sung from the heart in 3-part harmony with a sense of pride, purpose, and dark humor. They deal with topics of country-fried angst like drinkin’ and cheatin’ and going for broke while going broke. But they also invoke the soulful beauty of R&B, the uplifting anthems of gospel, the lonesome melancholy of bluegrass, and the steamrolling syncopation of early 20th century riverboat minstrels and hobo jug bands.  Be sure to bring a dollar or two...

Bryan Brundige Trio

The Bryan Brundige Trio hails from Albany, NY. Their sound is reminiscent of a time when people were forced to speak easy, and imbibe behind closed doors. The Bryan Brundige Trio plays jazz from the early 1900s. From swing to blues to gypsy, they are sure to always bring a smile to your face.